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The project “Libyan Gas Transmission System”, represents Trapani in the best way. ENI group nominates Trapani as operative base for the aforesaid project. The pipeline connects Gela to Tripoli.

project cargo

The project was a success for Trapani thanks to the professionalism of the local operators and thanks to the experience and efficiency of the shipping agency that represented the group in Trapani.

The success was even more important, because Trapani was preferred to Malta that was closer to the Libyan base. Organization, experience in customs matters and efficiency were the ingredients allowed Eni Goup to construct in two years 600 km of pipeline (50000 pipes).
Primary importance for the project was the settlement of a Customs Base of about 215000 sq for the storage.

Thanks to the above mentioned positive experience, Saipem of Eni group chooses once again Trapani as operative base for another important project: “TMPC pipeline repair project”, repair of the pipeline that connects Mazara del Vallo to Tunis. The work was executed with great efficiency and in total respect of the time scheduled.

Other important movements of project cargo: Mammoet SPMT equipment  used for the launch of the tanker ship Marettimo M and wind mills.

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