Trapani PORT/ infrastrutture

customs base

In the port of Trapani there is a Customs base that is about 90000 sqm. This customs instrument is very important for the port. It is located close to the commercial piers and is easily reachable. Thanks to this Customs base, Trapani has been several times appointed as operative base, by companies like Greenstream Bv of Eni Group, Saipem of Eni Group, Snam Progetti and TMPC. Recently, the port of Trapani, has been the operative base of the TMPC Pipeline Repair Project. The last mentioned project, has carried out  a repair of the pipeline between Mazara del Vallo (Sicily) and Tunisia. The work was carried out in a successful  and efficient way and in total respect of the timetable scheduled.

The Customs Base is managed by the company Riccardo Sanges & C srl (link). Riccardo Sanges & C. srl, also owns Vat Customs depots and Depots of Temporary Custody covered and uncovered of about 10.000 sqm.


Urban Infrastructures

 The development of  Trapani’s port is unique in the Mediterranean, particularly suitable with the needs of modern traffics, this, thanks to the favourable position of the port respect to the city, that makes commercial traffic totally independent from the city traffic.

Maritime station: Reference point for tourists arriving and leaving and there are many services inside. The maritime station is located at Sanità pier, close to embarkation to Pantelleria , Cagliari and Tunisi.
Train station: Trains go from Trapani to Palermo on two different lines. One from Trapani passes through Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Castelvetrano and a second line from Trapani passes through Alcamo. Trains still present some problems due to only one railway and are used above all by people that move in the hinterland. In any case from the train station the embarcadero for the Egadi Islands is easily reachable.
Bus station: the buses work very well and from Trapani it is easy to reach cities all through the western part of Sicily.
The bus station is close to the train station.

Extra Urban Infrastructures

Ways and Motorways: The ways that surround the city of Trapani are: the Motorway A29 and the ways of the province. In particular:

  • SS187 from North – East that connects Trapani to the northern towns.
  • Motorway A29 that connects Trapani to Palermo.
  • SS 115 that connects Trapani with Marsala, Mazara del Vallo.

And also here are the province streets:

  • SP 29 and SP 21 from Trapani to Birgi airport
  • SP77 from Trapani to Custonaci

The eastern part of Sicily can be reached in about 4 hours through the motorway A29.

Airports: Vincenzo Florio Airport of Trapani Birgi at about 15 minutes from Trapani and Falcone Borsellino – Punta Raisi at about 45 minutes from Trapani.

Google MAP

The Map shows the exact position of the port and the principal infrastructures.

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Trident group

trident group

Transport, logistics, tourism, port terminals, customs and maritime advice are some of the activities that are consistent with the process of modernization of maritime traffic.

Trident group
Trident group