In the last years the Mediterranean sea has been considered the center of the international shipping trades. Therefore, Trapani can be considered a port “in the center of the center”, thanks to its position, that is at the same distance from the channel of Suez and from the straight of Gibraltar. The port has about 1650 piers and there are many infrastructures around the port area, like the train station and the Airport of Birgi.

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In the port of Trapani transit thousands of passengers, towards the Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, North Africa and many other locations. In Trapani operate some of the most important national and international companies. Further  the port of Trapani is one of the best places for yachts of all kinds and dimensions and is also becoming a famous cruise port call.

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The dry and liquid bulk cargo is moved at Ronciglio pier and Isolella pier. The main cargo moved is bulk salt, marble blocks, iron products, alcohol and derivates. Container traffic is moved in the northern part of Isolella pier. Further Ro/Ro traffic with Tunisia, Sardinia and Tyrrhenian ports is continuously increasing thanks to favourable geographic position of Trapani , located in the western part of Sicily.

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In the port of Trapani there are various commercial operators that are able to offer port services. Shipping and Customs agents, Hauliers, Forwarding agents, Port Stevedore Companies. Among the companies that operate in the port there are: Riccardo Sanges & C., trident, Luise Associates Phoenicia, Bltc, TTL, Sangeslogistic.

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Trident group

trident group

Trasporti, logistica, turismo, terminalistica portuale, consulenza doganale e marittima sono alcune delle attività che coerentemente al processo di modernizzazione dei traffici marittimi sono state avviate.